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Social Medicine社会医学講座


  • Professor : Shigeyuki Nakaji
  • Associate professor : Ippei Takahashi
  • Assistant : Noriyuki Okubo, Satoshi Sato

Current Research Topics

 The Department of Social Medicine has a staff of five, and performs educational and research activities regarding preventive medicine including health promotion. The Department of Social Medicine has the following three major activities.

1. Cancer epidemiology
Cancer is a leading cause of death in Japan. We are taking an epidemiological approach to clarify the relationship between carcinogenesis and risk factors including environmental and congenital factors. Furthermore, we have established a cancer registry for Aomori prefecture and Hirosaki University Hospital to build a cancer database. On the basis of these studies and activities, we propose the policies on cancer prevention to evaluate its outcomes.

2. Community health
We perform research projects to clarify the relationship between lifestyle, background and behavior of people, and their health status in communities. We have a field activity named "The Iwaki Health Promotion Project" for local community health. This project has three purposes, i.e. health education, epidemiological research and contribution to society, and three major activities, i.e. providing a comprehensive health check-ups for adults and children, and a proposal of exercise program. We aim to contribute to the prolongation of the life expectancies in Aomori, which is currently the lowest in Japan.

3. Sports medicine
Our work in the field of sports medicine includes health promotion for the general population (sport for health) and looking after the health of top athletes in competitive sports. For the former, we have researched and assessed the appropriate degree of exercise for health promotion. For the competitive athlete, we are looking into the methods to strengthen their performance while avoiding injury and controlling their health conditions. Our study subjects include athletes in the judo and the sumo clubs at the Nippon Sport University, the track club at Meijo University and the judo club at the Komatsu Ltd.

 Our doors are always open to any Hirosaki university undergraduate students for a visit to learn about our various activities.

We cover the following educational fields for medical students.

  1. Epidemiology
  2. Health education
  3. Sports medicine
  4. Health promotion
  5. Community health
  6. Communicable diseases
  7. Mental health
  8. Maternal health
  9. Child health
  10. Adult health
  11. Geriatrics
  12. Industrial health
  13. School health
  14. Environmental health
  15. International health