Graduate School of Medicine

Educational method


Courses Core courses Major courses
Course guidelines Basic courses Interdisciplinary courses Field of study Areas other than the field of study
Educational research areas Other than educational research areas
Minimum 6 credit hours Minimum 4 credit hours Minimum 8 credit hours Minimum 6 credit hours Minimum 6 credit hours
Minimum 10 credit hours Minimum 20 credit hours
Total minimum 30 credit hours
Graduate-level lectures and various seminars One-on-one lecture and lab in each department of the graduate school

About graduate-level lectures

New theme is established every year
Conducted by several professors who specialize in each theme

Daytime and nighttime lecture system
In consideration of working students, lectures are conducted primarily between 5 pm and 6:30 pm.

Remote lectures of the graduate school using an interactive TV conference system.
Even if students work in a remote area, they can attend lectures conducted at the school simultaneously, and they can ask questions.

Sending graduate clinical students to basics

 When clinical graduate students wish to undertake studies in the basic medicine department, they receive research instruction in the basic science department with permission from the advisor.
 Or graduate students who plan clinical research in the future but wish to conduct research in the basics, they may be admitted to the graduate school of basic science and start research.

Sending graduate students to research facilities in Japan and overseas

 Graduate students can visit other universities and research facilities in Japan for a certain period of time to receive credits from other universities by a credit transfer system or to obtain research instructions. At present, many graduate students are learning at other universities. Similarly, they also visit research facilities in Japan. In addition, our graduate program accepts students from other graduate schools in Japan as special graduate students.