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  • The goals of Hirosaki University Graduate School of Medicine are as follows:

Fostering human resources with wide knowledge of the latest medicine

Fostering researchers who can promote combination of basic and clinical research

Fostering international medical researchers with wide vision and originality

Fostering healthcare professionals with advanced clinical skills and strict sense of ethics

Development of research center that responds to the demands in the society appropriately and provides back the research outcome to the community

  • Hirosaki University School of Medicine sets the goals as follows:

Fostering physicians and medical researchers who can play roles in the society with well-rounded character, advanced medical knowledge, wide vision, and flexible thoughts

Effectively teaching students in a manner that they study independently by creating curriculums that cover ongoing medical advances and by clearly defining practical goals.

Teaching students to enhance human and social nature by searching for truth to foster physicians and medical researchers with clear motives and sense of responsibilities

Promoting basic and applied medical research at international level and providing a high level of medical care and advanced medicine in cooperation with local communities

It is our duty and pleasure to attain these goals steadily. We will continue to improve our education and research outcome collectively with the faculty, staff, and students