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Discharge Procedures

On discharge procedures

  1. Your primary attending physician will approve your discharge from the hospital.
  2. The nurses or hospital staff will explain the discharge procedures to you.
  3. Please make preparations so that you are able to leave the hospital by around 10:00.
  4. Please receive your discharge bill at the (5) "Admittance/Discharge Counter."
  5. Please make your payment at the (3) "Payment Counter."

If for some reason you will be making your payment at a later date, please inform the (5) "Admittance/Discharge Counter." Please note that it may not be possible to issue your bill on the day of discharge due to the processing of paperwork. In such a case, you will be asked to submit a Promise to Pay Declaration, so please have your personal seal with you.

On a discharge after 17:00 or on a holiday

  1. Please fill out the Promise to Pay Declaration and submit it at the "After Hours Consultations (Advanced Emergency and Critical Care Center 1F)."
  2. We will notify you at a later date of your hospitalization expenses at the contact details you give on the Declaration.

On consultations on recovery/recuperation etc. after leaving the hospital

Please speak with the "General Patient Support Center (Outpatients Building 1F)"; they will be happy to help.