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Hospitalization Procedures

Being Admitted to the Hospital

On the day of admittance to the hospital, you do not need to go to the Outpatient Counter.
Please go directly to the (5) "Admittance/Discharge Counter" to the right of the Main Entrance Hall.

Please note...

  • If you do not have your Health Insurance Card etc., you may be asked to pay the full amount of your medical expenses.
  • If your Health Insurance Card is due to expire, or to be amended, please inform the (5) "Admittance/Discharge Counter".
  • If you are eligible for Public Assistance Medical Assistance, or medical benefits related to Services and Supports for Persons with Disabilities Act (For those of 18 years of age or over, For those under 18 years of age), Medical Care for Premature Infants (Maternal and Child Health Act), Medical Care for Specific Intractable Diseases, or Medical Care for Specific Pediatric Chronic Diseases, please inform the (7) "Publicly Subsidized/Funded Medical Care Counter".
  • If you are being admitted to the hospital on Workers’ Compensation Insurance or Public Employees’ Compensation Insurance, please inform the (7) "Publicly Subsidized/Funded Medical Care Counter".
  • As parking space is limited, patients being admitted to the hospital may not park their own cars in the car park.
    Please use public transportation.

Preparing for Your Stay

What to bring

  • Pajamas
  • Items with which to wash (e.g. Toothbrush, cup for rinsing, bowl for washing your face, soap, shampoo, electric razor, comb etc.)
  • Towels (face towel, bath towel)
  • Tissue paper
  • Underwear
  • Cutlery (e.g. Chopsticks, spoon, fork etc.)
  • Dressing gown, robe or something similar
  • Footwear (something comfortable in which you are unlikely to slip and fall)
  • Earphones (for the TV)
  • Other items the patient needs (e.g. eyeglasses, dentures etc.)

* Please ask the nurse for a hairdryer; the hospital will lend you one.
* Italic items are included in the "Hospital Admittance Kit".
* You will find a locker and trash can in your hospital room.
* Please keep personal belongings to a minimum, and avoid bringing them in large clothing storage bins etc.

Bedclothes etc.

You are asked to use hospital duvets, blankets, sheets, and pillows.

If tests or surgery are planned

The outpatient nurse will explain what you need to bring.
* If you undergo surgery or are admitted to the intensive care unit, to prevent infections, you will be asked to wear the hospital gown in the hospital admittance kit.

On valuables

  • Large numbers of people pass through the hospital. In order to prevent theft or other unfortunate incidents, please do not bring large amounts of cash or other valuables.
  • You will find a simple lockable storage box in the hospital bedside cabinet in your hospital room.

Your medicines

  • Your ordinary medications
  • Medicine notebook etc.

* You will take your ordinary medications after checks for potential side effects in combination with the medicines you need to take during your hospital stay.

On the "Admittance to Hospital Kit"

In April 2018, the hospital introduced a hospital gown and daily necessities rental service operated by a private firm.
The hospital made this decision for reasons such as easing patient concerns, offering added convenience, and providing increased hygiene, as many patients recently had concerns about the burden and hardship of themselves or their families preparing the necessary items for admittance to the hospital, due to various circumstances such as aging families, nuclear families, living on their own, and busy jobs/lives. We would like to ask for the understanding of patients being admitted to the hospital.

  • On the private operator rental service

    This is a system allowing you to rent on a daily basis, necessary hospitalization items such as "hospital gown, towels, items with which to wash, paper diapers etc." as a set, from a specialized private service provider (hereafter "Admittance to Hospital Kit Rental Service").
  • On using the Admittance to Hospital Kit Rental Service

    Use of the Admittance to Hospital Kit Rental Service is not compulsory. It is up to the patient to decide whether or not he/she wishes to use the service. If you wish to use the Admittance to Hospital Kit Rental Service, you will need to fill out an application.
  • On questions regarding applications etc. for the Admittance to Hospital Kit Rental Service

    The patient needs to contract directly with the private service provider for the Admittance to Hospital Rental Service. Please ask at the "Admittance to Hospital Kit Rental Service Counter"(dedicated service provider counter) in the Waiting Area on the 1st Floor of the Outpatient Consultations Building for details on applications etc.
  • On billing

    You will not be billed directly by the hospital for the Admittance to Hospital Kit Rental Service. Billing for the Service is separate from the hospital’s billing for hospitalization expenses. The service provider will send you its bill for use of the Admittance to Hospital Kit Rental Service.
  • On any questions you may have

    Please ask at the Admittance to Hospital Kit Rental Service Counter or your hospital ward nurse if you have any questions on the Admittance to Hospital Kit Rental Service.