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First Visit

New patients or patients consulting a doctor from another clinical department for the first time

Filling out the first visit application form

Some clinical departments require a referral letter or appointment for new patients.
If you have no referral letter or appointment, you may not be able to receive a consultation.

If you are a new patient without a referral letter and consult a doctor of a clinical department where a referral letter is not essential, you are required to pay 5,500 yen (tax inclusive) for the medical consultation and 3,300 yen (tax inclusive) for the dental consultation as an extra cost not covered by health insurance in addition to the first visit consultation fee.

Please enter the required items in the boxes with bold lines on the first visit application form and submit it with your health insurance card, eligibility certificate for ceiling amount application, and a referral letter issued by your regular medical institute (including image data, DVD, films, etc.) to the (1) First visit counter. If you have a recipient certificate for public funded health care or an insured person certificate for long-term care insurance, please submit it as well.

Registration at the First Visit counter

If you have a faxed first visit application form issued by your regular medical institute, you do not have to fill out an application. Please submit the faxed first visit application form with your health insurance card and a referral letter to the (1) First visit counter. When we accept new patients, we load your referral letter from your regular medical institute and testing records into your electronic health record. This process takes time and has new patients wait longer than before.
If you have a referral letter with you, we may not be able to call you in numerical order

First Visit Registration Completion

After we have completed the procedure, we will give you a red folder containing your reception ticket and patient ID card at the First visit counter.
Please submit the folder at the outpatient reception counter of each clinical department. When your turn comes, your reception ticket number will be displayed on the screen in the waiting room. (Your name may be called at some clinical departments.)

About the industrial accident compensation and compensation for accidents in the line of duty

Please consult at the (7) Counter (for medical welfare/patient support) about the industrial accident compensation insurance and compensation for accidents in the line of duty.

From Registration to Leaving (PDF)

PDF for 'From Registration to Leaving the Hospital' From Registration to Leaving (PDF)