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Privacy Policy

Personal Information of Patients

The hospital would like to ask for the understanding and cooperation of patients in regard to the use of your records, including your precious personal information that we have obtained from you, for predefined objectives not only as a medical institution but also as a teaching institution.

  1. We will use the personal information of patients for the following objectives, in accordance with hospital rules based on laws and regulations.
    1. Use at the hospital
      • Medical services the patient receives
      • Medical insurance administration work
      • Administration work related to patients (Use in regard to ward management related to admittances / discharges, accounting / bookkeeping, reporting of medical accidents / errors, improvement of medical services, and other administration / operations work.)
      • Maintenance and improvement of medical services and administration
      • Other uses related to the provision of medical care to patients
    2. Use at the Hirosaki University Hospital and at Hirosaki University
      • Medical teaching
      • Research based on clinical cases
      • Provision of information to external auditors
      We will do our best to anonymize any information we use.
    3. Provision of information to other third parties
      • Coordinating with other hospitals, clinics, midwife clinics, pharmacies, visiting nursing stations, and nursing care services operators etc., on medical services etc.
      • Responding to inquiries from other medical institutions etc. on medical services etc.
      • Requesting opinions/advice from external physicians etc. in regard to patient medical consultations etc.
      • Outsourcing of medical specimen tests and other work
      • Explanation of illness to patients’ families
      • Outsourcing of medical insurance administration, submission of medical receipts to claims review/reimbursement agencies etc.
      • Responding to inquiries from claims review/ reimbursement agencies and insurers
      • Submitting information etc. to public administration agencies and judicial agencies etc. based on relevant laws and regulations etc.
      • On delegation by service providers etc. based on relevant laws and regulations etc.
      • Sending results of medical examinations to service providers etc.
      • Communicating with, and submitting information etc. to, professional medical groups/associations in relation to medical malpractice insurance etc. and to insurers etc.
    Please let us know if you have any concerns related to any of the above use objectives.
  2. When using patients’ personal information for any use objective other than those above (previous page), we will ask for your written permission.
  3. Patients may make the following requests in regard to their personal information.
    1. Patients may request the disclosure of their own personal information in accordance with prescribed procedures.
    2. Patients may request amendment of the content of their disclosed personal information in accordance with prescribed procedures.
    3. Patients may request cease of usage, deletion of, or cease of provision of, their personal information in accordance with prescribed procedures, if they believe their personal information is being handled in an inappropriate manner.
    4. Patients may lodge an official complaint with Hirosaki University if they are not satisfied with the responses etc. to their requests above.
  4. In addition to the uses above, in case of a disaster, since 2014 the hospital stores externally at domestic data centers part of the medical consultation information of patients in the electronic medical records system; this is based on the medical records remote backup project, the Gemini Project, led by the Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology (45 participating national university hospitals).
  5. Please contact the responsible persons below if you have any questions about the handling of patients’ personal information at the hospital.

Disclosure Request Desks

Medical Records etc.
Hirosaki Hospital Administration Office, Medical Administration Group
(Tel. 0172-39-5230)
Personal Information General Affairs Division, Planning Office, Assessment groups
(Tel. 0172-39-3011)