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During your Hospital Stay


Convenient Information for during your stay

Confirmation of your name

You will be asked to confirm your name on many occasions such as before admittance, medical consultations, tests, application of intravenous drips, distribution of medicines, and distribution of meals etc., to prevent the misidentification of patients. We ask for your cooperation.

  1. When asked for your name, please give your full name.
  2. We may ask a family member if a patient is unable to give his/her name (e.g. an infant, someone with impaired consciousness, someone with dementia etc.)
  3. Inpatients are asked to wear a wristband at all times. Please do not remove it.


  1. Meal times
    Breakfast: from 7:45 / Lunch: from 11:45 / Dinner: from 17:45
  2. Depending on your illness, you will eat in the hospital ward dining room.
  3. Please refrain from bringing in food or drink into your hospital room.


  1. Please wear a dressing gown, robe, or something similar over your hospital gown.
  2. Please do not leave the hospital building in your hospital gown, pajamas, or indoor shoes.


If you have difficulties with laundering your own private clothing, it is possible to contract with an external service provider for a fee. Please speak with a nurse.


Smoking is strictly forbidden anywhere on the hospital grounds including the car park.
* If you do not cooperate, you may be asked to leave the hospital.

Lights out



  1. Viewing hours 6:00 - 21:00.
  2. The TV in your hospital room operates on a prepaid TV card system.

Electronic devices

  1. Please do not disturb the recovery environment of the other patients.
  2. Please do not use after 21:00.
  3. Please refrain from using electronic devices other than electric razors, mobile phones, smartphones, and audiovisual devices (portable DVD players, music players (e.g. iPods, Walkman personal stereos), and radios etc.).
  4. Please refrain from making or receiving calls on your phone in your hospital room (with the exception of private rooms).
  5. Please use earphones etc. and use care to prevent sound leakage.
    * Please bring your own earphones. Earphones are also available to purchase at the hospital store.
  6. Please use care to prevent light from your devices disturbing others.
  7. The taking of photographs and filming of videos are strictly forbidden.

Preventing slips and falls

You become more vulnerable to slips and falls as your muscles weaken with extended periods in bed during hospital stays. Some patients stumble due to side effects from sleeping aids and other medications, fall from their beds, and suffer fractures and other injuries. We ask that you follow the advice below to prevent such accidents.

Please bring comfortable footwear.
If you feel wobbly or unstable, please do not hesitate to call a nurse. Please use care with your bed and do not lean on the bed rails. Please carry out simple preventative exercises on your bed.

The hospital broadcasts, free of charge, videos introducing precautions regarding slips and falls and simple exercises that you can do on your bed. Please take a look.

Families staying at the hospital

  1. In principle, families do not need to stay at the hospital.
  2. If the family wishes to stay at the hospital after a surgery or in the case of a serious illness, please speak with your primary attending physician or the head nurse.

On complications

  • The hospital aims to work together with the patient to treat his/her illness. While most patients are discharged without any issues, a patient may sometimes develop a new illness (a complication) during his/her treatment.
  • Complications are illnesses other than the treatment effect we and the patient expected. They are not due to medical mistakes.
  • If a complication arises, we will work to treat it together with the original illness.
  • You will need to pay for treatment expenses using health insurance etc.

Medical consultations at other departments

Please ask for permission from your primary attending physician if you would like a medical consultation at another department.

Medical consultations at other medical institutions

  • In principle, the hospital does not allow medical consultations at other medical institutions while you are staying at the hospital (this includes when going out or staying the night outside the hospital).
  • If the patient has a medical consultation at another medical institution on his/her own judgment, the patient will be liable for the full amount of his/her medical expenses.
  • If you need to have a medical consultation at another medical institution for an unavoidable reason, please discuss this with your physician or nurse.
  • If a family member obtains a prescription from the patient’s primary care physician on his/her behalf, or the patient has a medical consultation at another medical institution when going out or staying the night outside the hospital, this will also be regarded as a medical consultation at another medical institution.


Although any fire should not spread outside the point of origin, as the hospital building is a fire-resistant structure, injuries from inhaling smoke are likely. It is also impossible to predict how and when natural disasters such as earthquakes may happen. For these reasons, please follow the advice below.

  1. Please check emergency exits and evacuation routes.
  2. Please let everyone know in a loud voice if you discover a fire.
  3. Please assist one another and evacuate the hospital room swiftly.
  4. Please do the following when evacuating.
    1. Please put on the closest footwear to hand.
    2. Please hold a towel.
    3. Please follow the instructions of the doctors and nurses.
    4. Please remain calm.
    5. Please do not use the elevator.


Consultations on recuperation and treatment

  • I would like to be at home as much as possible despite my illness.
  • I am worried about whether I can carry out medical procedures at home.
  • I am worried about receiving nursing care at home.
  • I need nursing care, medical care, or social welfare services.
  • I would like to discuss moving to another medical institution or moving into a facility.
  • I am worried about medical expenses and living expenses.
    A social worker at the "General Patient Support Center (Outpatients Building 1F)" will be happy to help with consultations so that patients need not worry about recovering/recuperating at home or moving to another medical facility. Please do not worry on your own but instead do not hesitate to consult us about any concerns you have. Please note that depending on the content of the consultation, any action required may not be taken immediately but taken at a later date.
  • I am worried about my medical care.
    We will explain your medical care policy and treatment/tests, using explanatory pamphlets to the extent possible. You will be asked to sign a Consent Form to indicate your understanding and consent, but please do not hesitate to speak with your doctors, nurses, or other medical staff if you still have any concerns or questions after this.

Hospital volunteers

Many volunteers give their time at the hospital.
They assist with patient hospital admittance, in the hospital wards, and with lending books at the "Genki Library". Please do not hesitate to speak with any of the volunteers if you need anything.

We would like to hear your voices

  • An opinion box "Yamabiko (mountain echo)" has been set up to allow us to hear your opinions. We will use your feedback for future improvement.
  • The opinion box "Yamabiko" can be found in the following locations : the General Reception Counter in the Central Waiting Area, in front of the hospital store, and on each floor of Hospital Building No.1.